Corporate Development

Shihlin Paper Corporation was established in 1959. Its predecessor was “Taiwan Paper K.K” during the Japanese governance, and was the first paperboard mill in Taiwan. Today, it is a manufacturer specialized in the production and sales of paper-related products.

Corporate Profile

Shihlin Paper Co., Ltd.
Chairman:Chen Po-Ting,Authorized representative of Tai Shih Trading Co., Ltd
President:Tsai Cheng-Che (Jerry Tsai)

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Corporate value: Honesty, Diligence, Responsibility, Appreciation
  2. Sincere Manage principal: Our honor relies on Customers' satisfaction.
  3. Environmental Protection Mission: Earth protection and seeking for sustaining development of the earth are the persistent beliefs of Shihlin Paper Corporation. It's our social duties to recycle and remake, fulfill green production, and develop green products for our environment.

Business Scope

  1. Wet Wipe:

  2. (1) Own-brand product “Baby Lion” management.
    (2) Baby wet wipe sales.
    (3) Mini pocket pack series promotion and development.
  3. Skin Care Product:

  4. (1) Own-brand product “Forest Beauty” management.
    (2) Facial mask and skin care products sales.
    (3) Bio Cellulose Series for domestic sales and basic skin care product promotion and development.
  5. Investing in relevant businesses and government-encouraged businesses.
  6. Commissioning construction companies to build commercial buildings and public housing units for rent and sale.

Corporate Vision

  1. Autonomous quality control, Quality standardization, Efficiency optimization, Competency globalized, Corporate diversification.
  2. Energy Conservation and Carbon Emission Reduction, Save Earth, Resources Recycling.